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Upgrades of pumps tests facility, Pump qualification and pressure tests.


  December 2019  

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Upgrades of pumps test facility (BEEP)

BEEP test loop allows to carry out measurements of low NPSH, pressure fluctuations, cavitation, performance and efficiency.
It is also used for validating performances of scale models of large pumps.
As part of Hinkley point C project, CERG has undertaken upgrades allowing to realize, at industrial scale, qualification tests according to ISO 9906. The works concern the increase of the available electrical power and reshuffling of piping networks and valves.

We’re very pleased that you’ve joined our growing team in 2019 ! 

VIOLA Jean-Marc
Welder fitter
Project manager
HELLA Malika
Laboratory technician
DORON Pierre-Antoine
Test manager
GIAIME Alexandra
Sales Assistant
BALME Coralie
Test manager
MORENO Nicolas  
Apprentice digital system
Automation technician
Marketing & communication manager



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Multiphase flow (air/water) pump qualification

As part of the reassessment of safety related nuclear pumpsCERG performs this end of the year tests to experiment if the presence of air into the pump leads to its de-priming.


Safety valve high pressure tests

This project relates the qualification tests of the safety valves which will be installed on the safety injection system (RIS) on Hinkley Point C project.
CERG is realizing the tests in order to check the valve behavior in different configurations. The performances of the actual safety valves test loops of CERG are the following:

- 50 m3/h at 55 barg
- 10 m3/h at 250 barg