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CERG Newsletter February 2017

Focus on BASHYC - High temperature qualification - 2017 training sessions !


February 2017  



Focus on BASHYC

BASHYC is a test facility developed by CERG for debris tests on sumpfilters. This hydraulic basin of characterization allows the achievement of accidental situations tests as LOCA (Loss of Coolant Accident).

Basin large dimensions make possible to conduct full scale tests. Moreover, its transparent surfaces allow viewing and clogging tests

More information about BASHYC ? Read our brochure !





CERG will be present as a visitor at Pump & Valves Exhibition

08 February 2017 / Zurïck (Swiss)




High temperature qualification

In order to validate the seals resistance of a several tons pump in high temperature, we maintained a 320 °F heat for 4 hours.

We used the EPEC3 loop which has a 12 m³ water tank and can be heated to a temperature of 356 °F.
























2017 Training session - Think about it !

2017 is just beginning… What if your New Year’s Resolution was to become an expert in Fluid Mechanics ?

For more than 35 years, CERG is an accredited training institute offering its sessions taught by our fluid mechanics experts and intended to workers. 

We propose on-request training and also regular training sessions on catalog with many topics as load flow and free surface flow study, pumps and water hammer, pumping station, hydraulic turbine, noise and vibrations because of flows…

More information on our website or by contacting our training secretary:

Mrs Christine Lambert

+33 (0)4 76 40 91 44