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CERG Newsletter June 2015

Focus on CAVI+ - Aeronautics - International - exhibition in the Bourget

  June 2015   

CERGProd the products developed by CERG

  Focus on CAVI+

We developed both bubbles injection system and bubbles analyser.

The bubbles injection system allows a controlled nuclei population. Injected nuclei are very small air bubbles whose critical pressure is in relation with their size. This system can be adjusted to provide nuclei population with controlled size and number.

The nuclei analyser consists in a venturi device on which it is possible to relate critical pressure and nuclei sizing.



The CERG was at the exhibition in the Bourget on the EDEN booth 17 June 2015

To complete increasingly complex studies, the CERG provide his wind tunnel studies to make studies of flow mapping, determination of drag coefficients or qualify equipments.

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The CERG participate in different meeting around development in Bresil.

This meeting get together with other companies to understand expectations of the market. 

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