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CERG Newsletter March 2015

ZOOM sur HYDROGen®, moteurs d'entrainement utilisant des turbines hydrauliques

  March 2015   
  CERGProd products develop by the CERG


We developed small driving motors using multistage waterturbines giving high torque and high rotating speed with a small diameter.

These devices are particularly silent due to adapted and non-cavitating blades and high numbers of blades.

Typical dimensions and capacities :

50 kW power – 2500 rpm : 140 mm diameter

100 kW power – 6000 rpm : 150 mm diameter motor

500 kw power – 1200 rpm : 300 mm diameter motor



CERG will be at the : 
International Forum at CCI of Lyon 
24 and 25 Mach 2015
Nuclear Exhibition CIENPI in BEIJING
22-24 April 2015

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A new publication for the CERG in the newsletter of the Régional Agency for the development and the innovation. An article handle about the development of the innovate pumps in Fast Design.

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Places are still available to participate in one of our training 2015.

H1 : 2 places 

H2 : 5 places

H3 : 3 places

AVH1 : 4 places

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