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CERG Newsletter June 2018

Aeraulic Tests - CERG, a key player in innovation - CERG in China !


June 2018  



CERG, an actor in aeraulic tests

With a transport market in full mutation (less nuisance, more efficiency, less cost...), CERG is regularly asked to share its expertise in this field.

As an example, we currently conduct aeraulic tests in our laboratory.

We have conducted air thermal shock tests on a DN300 and 1400kg valve at 487°C. We are  conducting air tests on a helicopter solenoid valve in order to check the tightness of the customer specimen. The test is conducted at 400 °C, with 10 bar pressure  and a 100g/s flow rate.





CERG will expose at...


  26-28 June 2018 (K144)

ONS (Stavanger, NORWAY)

27-30 August 2018


23-26 October 2018




A key player in innovation

CERG is a key player in innovation and is also involved in many R&D projects.

For example, we are involved in an ANR (National Agency for Research) project to carry out performance tests on a turbine immersed in our TH8.2V tunnel.

In collaboration with LEGI and CNRS, the project objective is to provide a 3D-steady modelling tool for turbines parks accounting for real site conditions.





CERG in China !

CERG recently went to China in order to meet potential clients and partners.

China is one of the priority countries in our export development.

For several years CERG is doing major investments in China, as with the Shanghai CERG office acquisition and the local team development.