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CERG Newsletter July 2017

Discover our wide range of sensors - CERG'S Team at Business Hydro - Our expert meetings


July 2017  



Discover our wide range of sensors...

CERG Instrumentation's Department, it is more than 1300 equipments, 300 pressure sensors, 150 temperature thermal probes, 130 flowmeters, 40 physical quantities... By trusting in CERG, choose the best partner to perform your calibrations and be assured of your measurements reliability !





Annual Closing

From 31th July to 16th August 2017




CERG's Team at Business Hydro Exhibition

On last 13th June, CERG participated for the second time at Business Hydro Meetings (Grenoble). Organized by Hydro21 Organization, this event aims to bring together local players involved in the hydroelectricity field.

CERG took advantage of this event to organize a contest in order to “Enjoy the benefits of Fluids Mechanics” with a massage in a regional SPA as a jackpot!

Winners will be contacted shortly...


Our expert meetings

Thierry ERNOULT, CERG’s CEO, is an expert judge at the Administrative Appeal Court of Lyon and Grenoble since 1993 in the following fields: acoustics, vibrations, mechanical and hydraulic.

For the regional juridical experts, he organizes an annual training course on the following subjects: architectural acoustics, vibration insulation, machine noise, pumps and hydraulics, cavitation.

The last training course has just ended and it is still a success because it gathered on average 21 participants.