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Centre d'Etudes et d'Essais spécialisé en mécanique des fluides


Performance testing and R&D

Regulatory changes, taking into account the environment, innovation and optimisation of performance are current issues for industry. In this context we work on ongoing improvements and technological breakthroughs.

  • Diagnostic tests (measurements of noise, vibrations, heat insulation, acoustic absorption)
  • Intrinsic performance testing (measurement of pressure loss, Cv, flow, pressure, fluctuation and response time)
  • Qualification and endurance testing (valve, durability and accelerated ageing tests)

Process design and optimisation

Diversified resources, recognised skills to conduct increasingly complex studies.

  • Network, transient regimes and water hammer studies (analytical or numerical Flowmaster approach)
  • Study of smoke extraction systems (Mock-up similitude study, vent design, implementation of low cost improvements)
  • Study of emulsion behaviours (coalescence, sedimentation, flotation, separation, mixture)

Impact and risk studies

The environment and risk control are at the heart of current industrial challenges. We provide a wide variety of appraisals to validate accident, terrorist attack and natural disaster scenarios.

  • Industrial risk studies (mock-up impact studies, definition of safety parameters, land-use management)
  • Fire systems design (mockups, improvement of extraction systems, advice on chosen technologies)
  • Training (a varied catalogue of ready-made and bespoke training courses)