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Centre d'Etudes et d'Essais spécialisé en mécanique des fluides


Component qualification testing

A major/large test platform for testing a wide variety of equipment (pumps, pipework, turbines, filters, etc.) Our facilities enable us to cover a wide range of flow rates, pressures and temperatures. The platform has at least 100 test loops and an area of 4,000m².

  • Pump qualification testing (NPSH measurements, performance, flow and cavitation characteristics).
  • Pipework qualification testing (Cv measurements, operating stress, resistance, hydrostatic test)
  • Pressure test (measurement and classification of solid particles, measurement of leakage, operability measurement)

Process design and optimisation

Numerical simulation and an experimental approach, two approaches for optimum results. Our strength lies in our ability to provide several solutions to our customers' problems. We intervene in all fields linked to fluid mechanics and fluid-structure interactions.

  • Similitude studies on mockups (pumping station, spillway, wells, thresholds, water intake, discharge, validation of the engineering project)
  • Network, transient regimes and water hammer studies (analytical approach or Flowmaster)
  • Mixture and separation studies (3D numerical simulation using Fluent, water treatment, stratified flow, degassing, boiling, cavitation)

Safety assessment and analysis

We provide technical support on site or at your business location for your engineering centres. We mainly intervene in the following fields :

  • Upstream appraisals (second opinions, extensive hydraulic analyses)
  • On-site measurements (measurement of speed, pressure, flow, noise & vibration, transient phenomena)
  • Training (a varied catalogue of ready-made and bespoke training courses)