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Centre d'Etudes et d'Essais spécialisé en mécanique des fluides

Water & Environment

Mockup hydraulic studies

A major activity for CERG ever since its creation, mockup studies are still at the heart of industrial projects. We can study the entire water cycle from source to discharge.

  • Pumping station (validation of the engineering project, measurement of speed, pre-rotation, vortex, compliance with HIS criteria, improvement proposals)
  • Water treatment factory (analysis of deposits, validation of supply speeds, treatment and separation systems)
  • Effluent discharge (quantification of impacts, optimisation of mixtures)
  • Hydraulic works (dimensions of channels, floodgates, dams, weirs and even drop testers)

Facility design and optimisation

Numerical simulation and an experimental approach, two approaches for optimum results. Our strength lies in our ability to provide our customers with several solutions to their problems We intervene in all fields linked to fluid mechanics and fluid-structure interactions.

  • Increased electricity production capabilities (improve upstream conditions for turbines, reduce pressure losses internal to the process)
  • Mixture and separation studies (3D numerical simulation using Fluent, water treatment, stratified flow, degassing, boiling, cavitation)
  • Design of innovative decontamination processes (liquid/oil separators, cyclonic separators, gravity separators and counter-rotational separators)

Impact and risk studies

The environment and risk control are at the heart of current industrial challenges. We provide a wide variety of appraisals to validate accident, terrorist attack and natural disaster scenarios.

  • Atmospheric pollution studies (mockup impact studies, definition of safety parameters, road traffic management, land-use planning)
  • Fire systems design (mockups, improvement of extraction systems, advice on chosen technologies)
  • Training (a varied catalogue of ready-made and bespoke training courses)