Equipment qualification

The wide variety of test resources at CERG is particularly important for the qualification of sensitive military equipment. Performance and technical sophistication are the ingredients for a successful project.

  • Acoustic discretion testing (measure of pressure fluctuations, noise, vibrations)
  • Long-term endurance testing (5000 hour endurance tests, thermal shocks, cavitation, accelerated testing)
  • Cycling and performance tests (Valve, durability, accelerated ageing tests)

Study and improvement of performance

CERG has been participating in major military programmes and the latest generation of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines since the 1970s. Through French Ministry of Defence research programmes, our resources have continued to evolve in order to study new issues of stealth and vulnerability.

  • Hydrodynamics and cavitation studies (water tunnel tests, low NPSH operation, determination of propeller performance, studies on drive units)
  • Hull design (visualisation of flows, improvement of visual pollution, determination of induced stresses)
  • Development of specific equipment (silent hydraulic turbines, staged pressure loss, passive flow regulator

Impact and stealth studies

Water control for air-related problems. Our similitude analysis reduces the cost and duration of our studies.

  • Fume and exhaust reduction studies (representation by similarity, numerical calculations, measurement of density, concentrations and speed)
  • Flow-linked vibration assessment (measurements on the installation, proposals for improvement, determination of vibration sources)
  • Training (a varied catalogue of ready-made and bespoke training courses)