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Centre d'Etudes et d'Essais spécialisé en mécanique des fluides


Performance testing and R&D

The transport revolution is under way Less noise, less CO2 and increasingly efficient equipment. It is in this context that CERG offers its services to manufacturers in this industry.

  • Material characterisation tests (thermal insulation and acoustic absorption measurements)
  • Intrinsic performance testing (measurement of pressure loss, Cv, flow, pressure, fluctuation and response time)
  • Qualification and endurance testing (valve, durability and accelerated ageing tests)

Study and improvement of design

Considerable resources and the recognised expertise to complete increasingly complex studies.

  • Water tunnel studies (propulsion system performance, study of drive units, determination of aerodynamic coefficients)
  • Wind tunnel studies (flow mapping, determination of drag coefficients, slippage, thermo-hydraulic studies, convection, conduction and radiation, etc.)
  • Process optimisation (ventilation, cooling performance, heal exchange, fluid-structure interactions)

Impact and stealth studies

Water control for air-related problems. Our similitude analysis reduces the cost and duration of our studies.

  • Fume and exhaust reduction studies (representation by similitude, numerical calculations, measurement of density, concentration, speed)
  • Flow-linked vibration assessment (measurements on the installation, proposals for improvement, determination of vibration sources)
  • Training (a varied catalogue of ready-made and bespoke training courses)