Oil & Gas

Prototype testing

At our ADF laboratory we can conduct base and crude oil tests under close to nominal operating conditions. We have been developing systems for major oil companies and petroleum engineering companies for over 25 years.

  • Oil/Water/Gas separator testing and studies (dehydrators, cyclones, gravity separators, vacuum degassing)
  • Combined-cycle turbine testing (validation of the design, performance optimisation, increased yields)
  • Fuel pump testing (performance measurements, development of more compact new technologies)

Process design and optimisation

Discovering new reserves, exploiting complex wells and coping with growing demand. These are the challenges for the 21st Century. The Oil & Gas industry is an expanding area for CERG. We conduct a wide variety of studies :

  • Network, transitory and water hammer studies (analytical approach or Flowmaster)
  • Improvement of extraction systems (Testing innovative drill pipes, reducing pressure loss, verifying seals)
  • Study of emulsion behaviours (coalescence, settling, flotation)

Impact and risk studies

The environment and risk control are at the heart of current industrial challenges We provide a wide variety of appraisals to validate accident, terrorist attack and natural disaster scenarios.

  • Industrial risk studies (mock-up impact studies, definition of safety parameters, land-use management)
  • Fire systems design (mockups, improvement of extraction systems, advice on chosen technologies)
  • Training (a varied catalogue of ready-made and bespoke courses)