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Centre d'Etudes et d'Essais spécialisé en mécanique des fluides

Engineering in Fluid Mechanics
Test center unique in Europe
Creator of added value

Vision and business

Our Vision, our Values

At CERG, we want to give our best in order to push the boundaries. Something which can only be accomplished in contact with our customers and their projects. More than their supplier, we want to be their partner.

Our values are the cornerstone that guides our employees as they work.

CERG, one of largest hydraulic test centres in Europe.

4,000m2 of platforms distributed over an area of 15,000m2, in the historical birthplace of fluid mechanics in France.

Its numerous facilities and high capacity infrastructure make CERG an international player in R&D and equipment qualification for a wide variety of industries such as Energy, Water & Environment, Oil & Gas, Transport, Defence and Manufacturing.

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CERG, Fluid mechanics engineering centre

Set up around skilled engineers, consultants in their field and with the legacy and experience of a former Alstom Group R&D centre, CERG is now a recognised engineering company. Specialising in fluid mechanics, CERG contributes its expertise in designing hydraulic works, process design, similarity and mockup studies. CERG is also helps to develop new study tools and train tomorrow's hydraulic engineers.

CERG creates added value.

In over half a century, CERG has developed a variety of systems and processes with fluid mechanics as the common denominator. On the back of our skills as an engineering company and design office, we work with our customers to help them develop products, systems and innovative processes of the future.

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